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Welcome to the Sat Yaatraa Virtual Temple!

Spirituality inspired Sat Yaatraa and our journey. We dedicate this Temple Space on our site to Sacred Dreams and Higher Consciousness.

According to the Mayans, art is humanity's sacred expression of the divine, and can be expressed as an equation, T (E) = A, where T is Time, E is Energy, and A is the Art Expressed. In Bali, there is no word for art, as art IS life. Our sovereign energy expressed through time is the art of our life, our collective lives.

The spiritual beliefs and practices, art, and information shared here is the beginning of our offerings to the Divine and evidence of humanity's continued search for the truth concerning our existence.

It is our hope that you are inspired, uplifted, and informed, that healing is experienced, and suffering alleviated, from visiting our temple.

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