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Roy left the EMS field in 2004, the strain and stress of this
work environment began to toll on Roy's physical and mental health.
The years as a 911 EMS Paramedic, gave witness to the continued heartbreak and tragedy of human suffering, pushed Roy to investigate the very nature of his, and our, souls. To find out what it really means to "Know ThySelf".

Roy was diagnosed with severe body wide psoriasis, an auto immune disorder, brought on by poor diet and stress, along with other genetic and structural abnormalities, and therefore, he tendered his resignation
from the services, three years short of a full retirement.

After seeking help from several professionals in the area for severe post-traumatic stress disorder and the psoriasis without results, and along with heavy alcohol and drug use to "numb/ease the pain", Roy decided to leave Louisville and head to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to try and find work, away from the ghosts and conditioning of Louisville. Suffering
several setbacks over the course of six months in New Orleans, including a broken arm, Roy took a phone number from a street musician there, and made his way to California in the summer of 2006.

After a brief stay in Chico, Oroville, and Los Angeles,
Roy rented a small place in Trinity County California, high in the Trinity Alps
to been alone, and to embrace his own journey of truth.

Many years working for the EMS system gave Roy early access to the Internet and an understanding of how to access the knowledge base contained within. Receiving an associate's degree in computer engineering technology from the Louisville Technical Institute in 1987, Roy is proficient in windows applications, through XP, and is a skilled web designer.

Other skills Roy has aquired include: being a reasonably good mechanic
on older model American cars, gardening, general handyman, an excellent gopher, and a musician, singer songwriter, guitarist, saxophonist, and percussionist.

Roy's interest in spirituality is a cord that runs throughout his life, he has informally studied a variety of subjects regarding spirituality,
from Hinduism to Christianity and most in between.

Forty Nine trips around our Sun/Son this time for Roy, in the year 2012.

And what has been learned is this…

We are not who we think we are.
We are not where we think we are
The body is not you
You are not the body
The body is a suit, an "avatar"

Each birthday relates to the ordinary playing cards
Our destinies and dharma are encoded in the cards.
The card game is a Quantum game.

Understanding this information brings us as individuals from a state of fragmentation and individualality to a point of commonality
from which we can work together.

Understanding the card game erases bigotry and hatred
as it brings a common understanding to each being we encounter.

The world is in chaos. We are destroying ourselves, our home,
and the creatures we share it with.

Why? Because we THINK we are REAL.

The best anybody who identifies with their name and ego will get
is a name on a tombstone, if they are lucky.

If you identify with your card, then who knows the possibilities
that can be found, lived and experienced?

The New Paradigm will be about community, all individuals working to fulfill their personal dharma due to having a common starting point in the cards. Artistry, Creativity, and Music will be the true commodities of the future.

T(E) = A

(T)Time (T) time-multiplied by (E) Energy (personal sovereign labor) (=) Equals (A) ART

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