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Ayurvedic Services

Traditional Ayurvedic Face, Pulse,
Nutrition, & Lifestyle Assessments

A traditional consultation to assess health,
identify imbalances, and provide nutritional
and lifestyle support and guidance.

This assessment includes a 30 minute face
and tongue reading, a 30 minute traditional Ayurvedic Pulse Reading, a 30 minute Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation, and a complete individualized Consultation Packet to take home as a reference for self care.

Ayurvedic Bodywork, Detoxification &
Rejuvenation Treatments & Therapies

*Specializing in Traditional Ayurvedic,
Hot Rock, Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Kelly's specialty is a lymphatic drainage massage that incorporates aspects of traditional Ayurvedic bodywork, using hot oils, marma points, nadis or meridians, and hot rocks. The massage experience feels divine and it is also extremely good for you! Lymphatic drainage massage helps move toxins and increase lymphatic flow, to promote general physical and mental well being, and to help with a variety of complaints such as healing injuries, assisting with weight gain or weight loss, immune support, decreasing cellulite, helping to allieviate pain, and for reproductive preparation.

Certified Therapuetic Massage Therapist - CA
  • Swedish
  • Hot Rock
  • Deep Tissue
  • Thai
  • Sports
  • Reflexology
Kelly also has training in massage for people with health challenges, & those healing from serious illness

*Kelly is not currently practicing Bodywork in New York State however, she is available for Individual and Group Education about Ayurveda, Self Care, and Traditional Eastern Bodywork Techniques, including the use of Hot Rocks and Gua Sha


Ayurvedic Home Organization

Kitchen, Pantry, & Bath Reorganization,
as well as Recipe & Meal Assistance,
to help support your Ayurvedic
Self-Care Practices & Wellness Goals


Group Packages

Ayurvedic Parties
Ayurvedic Workshops
Travel, Vacation, &
Rejuvenation Packages

Children's Ayurvedic Eduation


Assistance with Food Allergies

Herbal Detoxification Baths & Treatments

Herbal Steams & Scalp Treatments

Detoxifying Salt Scrubs & Herbal Sweats

Nourshing Neti & Basti Treatments

Transformational Pancha Karma Retreats

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