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Kelly Crandall
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
& California C.M.T.

Kelly studied Traditional Ayurvedic Bodywork and Medicine at the dhyana Center of Health Sciences in Sebastopol, California. She gained her Certification in Ayurvedic Science, Holistic Nutrition & Clinical Aromatherapy through the dhyana Center in July of 2008, from her teacher, Deanna Batdorff. She also worked for a year as an intern at the dhyana Center, to help faciliate further learning, and enhance her understanding of Ayurveda as a Science & Spiritual Practice, through hands on experience in Traditional Ayurvedic Bodywork and Techniques, Cooking and Nutrition, Gardening, Medicine Making, Herbology, Pancha Karma Journeys, and Vedic Spiritual Practices.

Kelly completed her California C.M.T. requirements in August 2008, at the
Sebastopol Massage Center, in Sebastopol California, training with Patricia Oberg.

She also completed her course requirements through the Sebastopol Massage Center, in
the following Massage Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Sports, Serious Illness
and Oncology, and Reflexology.

Kelly's Specialties are Traditional Ayurvedic Consultations, including Traditional Tibetan Ayurvedic Pulse Reading, and Face & Tongue Readings, Workshops & Gatherings, Weightloss, Education about Ayurvedic Self Care, Preventative Health, Lymphatic Flow, and Alternative Treatments for Asthma, and Hot Rock Ayurvedic Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatments.

Kelly has been studying Herbology and other alternative healing methods such as Holistic Nutrition, Flower Essences, Wildcrafting, Chinese Medicine, and the use of various vitamins and supplements since 1995, while working to find health and balance in her life.
With the help pf Ayurveda, she successfully
lost 75 pounds and overcame childhood
asthma and her dependancy on asthma medication over a five year period of intense detoxification, dietary and lifestyle changes,
and meditation.

Kelly graduated with honors in 2006 from Sonoma State University, with B.A. degrees
in Women's and Gender Studies, & Geography, & Minors in Environmental Studies and Planning, & Psychology. She worked as a Naturalist for over seven years, taking children and adults out into wilderness settings, to teach them about the Physical and Cultural Geography of various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sharing and interpretting valuable knowledge is one of Kelly's main passions. She considers helping others to empower themselves through Ayurveda her primary dharma or calling.
Sat Yaatraa is a vehicle to help mainifest her dharma and assist her in working to cut her cords of sankara.


Kelly Crandall grew up in Cortlandville, NY, and suffered with Asthma throughout her childhood. She depended on asthma medication from the age of 7
until she was 35, and has been hospitalized often throughout her life due to asthma. Her struggle to overcome this illness led her to study many aspects
of Holistic Health over her lifetime, and to earn her Certification as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2008.

Kelly's Ayurvedic studies and training includes: 165+ hours of Theoretical Instruction, 85+ hours of Clinical Training, a 1 year Internship with hands on Bodywork, Donation Clinic Traditional Pulse and Lifestyle Consultations, and Pancha Karma Transformational Healing Retreat experience, at the dhyana Center.
Kelly plans to complete her Master's Degree in Vedic Philoshophy along with an International Certification
in Ayurvedic Medicine, from the California College of Ayurveda, in Nevada City, CA

Kelly is a gifted interpreter of knowledge. She transformed her health and life by integrating the information she learned about Ayurveda into her daily routine. Kelly's dedication to self care through Ayurveda, and her ability to listen to her body's needs and signs, shines as an example of the effectiveness of this ancient science and what is possible through applying Elemental Theory as a Preventative Health tTool for everyone.

Kelly returned to the region to be close to family and
to share what she has learned over the last 20 years about Elemental Theory, Eastern Medical Systems, Herbs, Holistic Nutrition, and Self Care, with others ready to be well. Since returning to NY two years ago, she is gratefully living in the region for the first time without the need for Asthma medication, and without any hospitalizations in the Fall and Winter seasons, due to her Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Kelly is working to raise awareness in the region about the importance of Ayurvedic Medicine as a Holistic Science, and organizing workshops to help empower people to manifest and maintain balance and wellness in their lives, and in those of their loved ones, through integrating Ayurveda into their daily lifestyles.

Kelly is available for Individual and Group Ayurvedic Consultations, Workshops, and Parties, and for Education and Assistance with Detoxification, Food Allergies, and Rejuvenation.

Kelly is also available to help with Recipe and Meal Planning, Kitchen and Home Organization, and Weight- loss assistance. Please contact her with any questions or to schedule an Appointment, Workshop, or Party. She can be reached at: 315-497-0704, or by email at: kellycrandall@gmail.com.

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