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Sat Yaatraa - True Journey or Journey of truth
(Combining Sat, Satya, and Yaatraa)

Sat: being/reality/truth; pure being or existence; being, good, virtuous, chaste, the third word of the famous three words: om tat sat, refers to what is truly real, eternal and permanent, used to mean God or the soul; [from the Sanskrit verbal root as to be] Being; the real, the enduring fundamental essence of the world, "for Sat is in itself neither the 'existent,' nor 'being.' Sat is the immutable, the ever present, changeless and eternal root, from and through which all proceeds. But it is far more than the potential force in the seed, which propels onward the process of development, or what is now called evolution. It is the ever becoming, though the never manifesting...

Satya: truth, real, genuine, honest, sincere, truthful, faithful, virtuous, upright, goodness, purity; an oath, a promise, a solemn declaration; Supreme Spirit - creator brahma; Fulfilled, realized; the abode of brahma-dev and of Truth which is the uppermost of the seven lok (domains); Satya is non-injurious to all creatures; that which is non-violence; that which bestows all desires.

Yaatraa: a journey or pilgrimage to a tirth for realizing the objectives one has in mind related to aadhyaatmaa of one's existence, meaning life's aspects dealing with one's aatmaa (soul) and aatmaa's life journeys in which karma-fal (fruits of karma) is incurred and accumulated.

Sat Yaatraa was inspired by Kelly Crandall and her sister, as a part of their ongoing 'truthful journeys' as souls. The company is now a collective effort of many souls and serves as a vehicle to explore, express, and manifest visions, ideas, impulses, creativity, art, music, healing tools, foods, and all else that speaks to us of the sacred. We are evolving as the Divine allows and invite anyone interested or inspired to contact us!


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